The Original Source Creativity Incubator



Take your next big idea from vision to completion in 60 days.



Your Creativity is calling to you...


You have an idea that won’t let go of you.


You are ready to express your voice and tell a big story in new ways.


You feel a call to your next creative chapter within your bones—so electric sometimes you wake up in the night thinking about it.


If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to join me for:


The Original Source: An 8-week Creativity Incubator for visionary creators and thought leaders who want to bring your next project from vision to its next stage of completion—without sacrificing yourself in the process.

Is there a book or article you feel called to write?


A signature talk you’ve been trying to make time to create? 


A new business offering that won’t stop talking to you?


A podcast you keep talking about starting?


A script you’ve been up at night obsessing about?


A series of videos/photos/ideas/creations you've been wanting to develop?


Whether it feels like a whisper, a nudge, a scream, a hunch, unbearable angst, or an exciting idea that won’t let go of you, it’s the seed of what I call an Expansion Project—a single creative project that has the potential to exponentially expand your professional platform and ecosystem.


Not to mention—it’s also the thing that can feel so satisfying on a soul-level to actualize that all the other outcomes are just bonus.


And somewhere inside of you, you are really curious about who you will become making it. 


But the problem is—when are you actually going to do it?


As a visionary, your ideas might often feel like they move faster (maybe significantly faster) than your ability to act on them. This is beautiful and perfect. This is you doing your evolutionary purpose.


You also, most likely, have a lot of people depending on you and competing for your attention —clients, kids, partners, team members, audience, agents, pets, colleagues—and you end up spending a great amount of your day responding to their needs, and delivering the excellent work you are known for.




This idea is ready to be born. 

And it has the potential to change the game for you.


You keep waiting for there to be time and space left over after everything else–to just get those ducks in a row so you can finally make time for this thing that won’t stop talking to you. 


When we’ve been taught to prioritize others’ needs ahead of our own, we tend to squeeze our creativity in the cracks between everyone else’s demands.


What happens when we prioritize our creative voice?

Imagine this...

While everyone else is trying to figure out their goals and going on diets that steal their joy, you spend the first 8 weeks of the new year doing something that really matters to you, and developing a set of nourishing creative tools you can use for life.


You get stunningly clear on which idea to greenlight and commit to.


You establish a non-negotiable creative practice that moves you forward and brings you deep joy.


You unearth a new boldness in your voice and work.


You feel a renewed sense of energy, confidence, and inspiration.


You are in community with a cohort of awesome colleagues who catalye your creative expansion.


And you have a project you are proud to share.


The secret to your next level isn’t a strategy, tactic, or 10-step-plan. It is a reclamation of your full creative power. 


You can keep dreaming and planning and thinking about the thing.


Or you could spend 60 days coming home to your creative core.


Our goal: Revolutionize your creative process, unlock your voice, and birth your next big idea by returning to your most powerful creative source.


What can't wait another year?


Liz Kimball is the Esther Perel of Creativity.

Virginia Hastings, Filmmaker, Producer, and Coach

The Original Source is the only Incubator of its kind for visionary creators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders with a big story to tell.


Specifically this will be a good fit if any of the following are true:


  • You are ready to step into the next chapter. 
  • You desire to do work that is deep, beautiful, and true.
  • You want to take your creative work from good to great without sacrificing yourself on the altar of the projects.
  • You have a project or idea in mind that’s wanting to be born, but you keep putting it off.
  • OR—you have started something you very much want to complete, but are having trouble making time amidst everything else you have going on.
  • You are over the easy fixes and one-size-fits-all 10-steps to someone else’s version of success. You are searching for a frontier that is uniquely yours—hungry for greater depth, capacity, truth, excellence, wholeness, and complexity—and  you crave a space that allows you to bring the fullness of who you are as you do (instead of only certain packaged bits).
  • You are exhausted by staring at a million unfinished projects. You have been trying to move too many things forward at once, overhwhelming yourself and short-changing the projects. You are ready for BIG COMPLETION ENERGY.
  • You are regularly inundated with new ideas and often get stuck choosing which one to go with
  • You are at a point of transition or plateau in your work. You’re ready to reach new depths in your creativity but you aren’t sure of how to get there on your own.

This program won’t be a good fit for you if:


  • You aren’t willing to invest in the next stage of your creative work
  • You are not open to new ideas and ways of working
  • You do not enjoy supporting others in their process
  • Your creative work is not a priority in this season of your life


Dear Visionary Creator,

Hi! I'm Liz. I’ve built a career on creating my own path, using curiosity as my compass even when conventional advice preaches the opposite. The most satisfying, opportunity-mutiplying, and meaningful work of my life has come as a result of greenlighting my own projects. I believe this is the single most important skillset of the knowledge economy—let alone exactly what the world needs to evolve—and why my work is devoted to helping others do the same.

My clients are culture-shaping and boundary-defying authors, thought leaders, choreographers, producers, tv writers, comedians, recording artists, actors, philanthropists, podcast hosts, entrepreneurs, coaches, and storytellers who are done with upholding the status quo and committed to telling new stories to shape a better world.




Here’s what I bring to our work together in this program:


  • EXPERIENCE: I have spent the last decade coaching and advising 1000+ creators to actualize and amplify their most meaningful creative projects, and I am on a mission to help 1 million do the same. I am undaunted by your biggest vision and your most challenging blocks. 
  • A UNIQUE HYBRID: When you work with you me, you get my professional coaching skills and my abilities as a collaborator. But I also bring my 10+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, academia, digital entrepreneurship, and thought leadership. The beauty of this program is that it is deliberately intimate, and I have the opportunity to key in to the way you work and how I can be most helpful to you. 
  • RESEARCH AND PRACTICE: My work integrates tools from transformational coaching, positive psychology, intersectional feminism, Internal Family Systems theory, principles of the feminine economy, voice and acting techniques, embodiment and spiritual practices. I bring multiple degrees and certifications, years of study, empirical research, and deep devotion to this work.

I'm also a mom to a toddler, wife, activist, and business owner. I know how hard it can be to make time for our creative work.

Here’s the thing—most of the rules of creativity and the way we relate to our process were cultivated by men.

But creativity is the embodiment of the divine feminine, which means you are the source. You don’t need more rules, but rather, to access what’s already inside of you, and create from that place. 

If this calls to you, I’d love to collaborate with you.


As seen in:

What it's like to work with Liz...



Liz Kimball has the greatest superpower I have ever encountered. She is remarkable. Distinct. Utterly clarifying. A Soul whisperer. She is a leader and a lighthouse, and her work is more necessary now than ever before.

—Tara Samuel, award-winning actress, writer, and producer



If you wish to launch into the new year with power, purpose, possibility, and pleasure, I recommend that you let Liz Kimball be your guide. Like no one else I know, Liz is a fresh beacon of light and leadership for female-identifying creators and change-makers who desire to reshape and refine themselves and the world in a kinder, gentler, more impactful way.

—Kristine Oller, Change Strategist and Founder of You First



Liz is everything I could ever ask for in a coach. It would have taken 5 years to accomplish what I achieved with her in a year. Since working with Liz I have become fearless and courageous. I surprise myself all the time. I hope everyone gives themselves the opportunity to work with Liz - she will help you change your life. Anything you've ever dreamed of achieving will suddenly be right in front of you - ready for the taking. Don't hesitate, don't let fear keep you from working with Liz! You will thank yourself over and over again. 

—Lili Stiefel, Founder, the Mixed Space & Experimental Studio



I had reached a point where I was tired of doing it all on my own, and Liz’s work was recommended to me by a friend and I just felt drawn in by her openness, warmth, and her ability to SEE me as a visionary and changemaker. I feel so much more confident and capable for going in the direction of my dreams. Biggest of all, I feel like because of Liz’s support and care, I am finally taking my dreams SERIOUSLY and that is the greatest gift of all. I truly felt like Liz saw and got who I was from the start which was such a relief to finally have someone who gets it — which pushed me to be better. She is warm, caring, and fierce and embodies all of the qualities a feminine leader should be. She is the change we want to see in the world and inspires me to keep going in the direction of my dreams and knowing that it is possible. Work with Liz. You won’t regret your decision. Liz is the strong and gentle backbone that you need to discover a breakthrough, create tangible steps and radical permission for yourself. I highly recommend working with her!
—Leya van Doren, Host of The Creative Soul Podcast


Become the most creatively unstoppable person you know



How The Original Source Incubator works:

Creative Advising

We’ll meet online on Zoom each week for live teaching and coaching to remove obstacles and create momentum and insight. All sessions are recorded in both audio and video format and are available to watch in our online portal in your own time if you prefer.

Seriously Useful Coaching

Throughout the 8 weeks, Liz helps you work through blocks, ideas, and creative roadblocks. You will also be invited to a bonus Oasis Retreat offering you support, exercises, inspiration, and space to make significant headway on your project.

Individualized Feedback

Each week, you are invited to submit work and request feedback from Liz. We are well-practiced in the sweet spot between flexibility and structure to keep you lovingly on the hook for what matters most. No one slips through the cracks.

Online Classroom

Our online classroom includes 7 in-depth video lectures + tools, and interactive materials that will apply to current and future projects. Curated resources like playlists and inspirational palettes will be added as we go.

Supportive Community

You are placed in an intimate, hand-selected cohort of other intelligent and luminous creators. You'll have the option to connect with your cohort in a private online space to ask questions, find accountability partners and create synergy. 

Complete The Creative60

You will complete a Creative60—A 60-day creativity sprint to reunite you with your voice, vision, and power, that can be used for any project. In our experience, sprints are the most effective way for busy visionaries to complete their work. 

The Original Source is a framework for creative sovereignty and a set of timeless, proven tools that can be applied to any project.


Before we officially begin our 60 creative days, we will send you 3 missions to complete before our official start date.


You will also receive a video guide to help you create an individualized plan for bringing your project to its next stage of completion, which you'll submit to us for review and feedback.


On January 26th, we’ll begin our official work together, which will be organized around The Original Source framework:

1. Original Spark—The end of block. The rise of prolificity. 

  • Root your project in your life purpose and life mission
  • Greenlight your project
  • Learn how to create more ease and flow through the Cycle of Creativity
  • Create your Inner Council
  • Build your cabinet of curiosities and close the Inspiration Gap for good


2. Original Rhythm—The end of procrastination. The rise of flow.

  • Identify your creativity multipliers and learn how to clear the channel
  • Build your creative sanctuary
  • Establish boundaries to protect your process
  • Design your sacred structure


3. Original Voice—The end of should. The rise of your truth.

  • Establish connection to your inner voice 
  • Learn a unique decision-making framework for creative process
  • Design your Oracle Hour


4. Original Vision—The end of indecision. The rise of clarity.

  • Unblock your powers of seeing 
  • Build the world of your project
  • Break free from the idea trap and the tyranny of waiting. 


5. Original Power—The end of pushing through. The rise of compassion.

  • Learn how to work with, not against your body
  • Cultivate inner tools for roadblocks and discouraging days


6. Original Wild—The end of perfectionism. The rise of your freedom.

  • Create a wild draft
  • Learn how to utilize the power of wildness and release in your work 

7. Original Courage—The end of hiding. The rise of your presence.

  • Become a confident ambassador of your work
  • Deepen the art and practice of being seen in your creative work
  • Develop a plan for feedback that honors your boundaries


In our final Completion Week, you will:

  • Share your work in our digital showcase
  • Plan your next steps
  • Design your own closing ritual to integrate the learnings of your experience

The Bonuses


Bonus Workshop: Social Media ReinventionA virtual workshop designed to help you create a consistent and empowered relationship with social media that supports—not steals from—your bigger creative projects.


Bonus Workbook: Reclaiming Your Time—a series of email scripts, tools, and strategies to give you back an additional 5+ hours a week for your creative work.


Bonus Guide: How to Choose the Right Idea— this guide will teach you a non-conventional and timeless approach to idea selection, and help you select and solidify your next creative project.


Bonus Retreat: OASIS— free ticket to a 1-day guided creativity retreat to spark inspiration and provide gentle space to make serious headway on your creative project.


Bonus Audio Series: 13 visualizations for creative success


AND: every member of our January cohort will receive an invitation to UNDIMINISHED—A VISIBILITY ROUNDTABLE: a mastermind session with your colleagues and Liz to determine next steps and co-create a plan for taking your project into the world.


4 reasons why The Original Source is different:



How many courses have we taken that we do not complete? Most creativity courses have you doing a lot of exercises, reflection, and goal-planning without actually working on your projects. While these are useful ways in, they can sometimes become another way of avoiding the work you are called to do. All of the best expansion and transformation that I have experienced in both myself and the thousands of clients I have guided through this process, come from doing the work, not thinking about it. Conversely—overly structured bootcamps can disrespect creative rhythm and process. We've fine-tuned our ability to help you bring your work to completion while respecting your individual needs, flow, and process.




It's hard to reach the next level of your creative work without some kind of individualized feedback. Many creative approaches train you to work within a template or formula, which, in my opinion, is not going to birth your most authentic creative work. This container has been meticulously constructed to bring you back to your source and establish creative sovereignty, while also giving you enough structure and personalized guidance to help you bring your work to its next stage of completion. 



 We teach creativity tools, not craft tools. There are many sources to get excellent training in whatever your area of work is, and we encourage you to seek those out when the time is right. I haven’t found a place that teaches practical tools to access your most powerful creative source, which is why I created this. The curriculum integrates the most useful teachings I’ve learned from multiple degrees in the arts, years of my own and clients’ creative work, and thousands of hours of study, practice, and experimentation. 



 I have always found the most fun creativity labs to be those that cross-pollinate, which is why I’ve been creating these spaces for the past decade. I’m sure you can find many rooms where you are doing the same work as your colleagues. But it’s much harder to find a place where you can be in a cohort with others just as dedicated, but in different fields and modalities than you—and it always sparks new ideas, perspectives, and collaborations. 


AND...when embarking on the beautiful and challenging quest of birthing your next creative project, I have found that an over-focus on specific rules of the craft can sometimes be a hindrance. You know that terrifyingly electric moment when you throw out the rulebook, take the lid off, and create from your undeniable truth? Yeah. That’s what we’re most interested in...


Like grad school for my creative goals.

Caroline Moore, Comedian and Producer


If, after 1 week in the program, you feel this program is not the right fit for you, write to us, and we will give you a full refund.


Before you begin, you will set a reasonable goal and create a personal definition of what completion will look like for you, based on the size and scope of your project.


While we have every intention of supporting you to bring your project to its next stage of completion during our time together, we realize this won’t always be the case. We are human beings, not robots. But we are devoted to your success. If you attend the live sessions, absorb the content, and show up consistently for your project and are not satisfied with your level of progress, you will have the opportunity to repeat the experience in a future cohort, or continue working with Liz until your project is completed.


What's the ROI of committing to your creativity?

I get it. We’re not making a grand promise that you’ll 10x your income or gain a million followers overnight, and creativity can be an elusive topic that’s hard to quantify. So what’s the value of this kind of investment?

So often to achieve that kind of rapid and explosive growth we’re sold so regularly, we feel we have to betray ourselves, our ethics, and our personal rhythms and our creative voices.

But what if your creativity IS the pathway to your most electric and aligned expansion?

In the past, as a result of the tools and processes in this program, I’ve helped clients to…


  • Double their income
  • Publish books
  • Launch speaking careers
  • Get projects greenlit by big networks
  • Make Broadway and HBO debuts 
  • Found companies and philanthropic movements
  • Collaborate with their creative soulmate
  • Land recording contracts
  • Make powerful career pivots
  • Reclaim joy in their work
  • Run for office


 I don’t know what will happen for you, but I can’t wait to find out. 


Our deepest hope?

That you experience a prolific, exciting, and surprising 8 weeks. That you return to the sound of your soul and your voice and remember that your creativity is meant to generate, not drain your energy. That you make something that opens doors you never could have imagined.




I am a heart-centered engineer with mad financial skills. I was developing my entrepreneurial platform, and getting stuck, making the transition from corporate to entrepreneur. Liz’s incredible creativity and leadership opened the floodgate. If you have great skills yet are having trouble pivoting, Liz’s work is both catalytic and expansive.”

—Arlene Broussard, Finance Expert, CEO, Heartful Wealth



I wish I had been in this program for the last ten years, because I feel like I would be in a really different place in my life. I don’t know of any other forums like this for creative women; it has pushed me and grown me in a way that I never could have imagined. Not only that, but I have started a business I actually love, and doubled my income in the past year. I have met amazing women I never would have met, my joy, creativity, and intuition have all increased, and I leave each meeting with frameworks and ideas I never would have considered. It is a privilege, and it will change your life."

—Samantha Tunis, Founder: Samantha Tunis Photography, and Award-winning singer



Working with Liz in this community gives me confidence in myself as a creative and multifaceted superwoman. Permission to be all of me - no excuses - and helps me claim and celebrate my creative desires so that I can commit to seeing them through despite feeling super doubtful/nervous/unworthy. Liz blows my mind on every coaching call. I can’t get enough.

Sarah Mac, Creative Business Coach, and Host of the Creative Magic Club Podcast


...I feel like my writing and filmmaking have elevated to a new level since joining this program. I have gained so many wonderful, brilliant friends, collaborators, accountability partners, and mentors that I cherish more than words can express. I have been so inspired to keep working and growing alongside this very powerful, positive, vibrant, and loving group of women.

Becca Q. Co, Award-winning Actor + Writer

It's your time


Four core elements accelerate our creative success:


The first is a powerful, trusting, and nourishing relationship with your creative voice

The second is a consistent creative practice that works for you

The third is an experienced guide to help remove obstacles and gently lead you to your most authentic and alive work

The fourth is a supportive community who holds you accountable to what matters most


You don’t need these elements, however. You can absolutely do this on your own, like you most likely have done many projects before. 

But if you are curious about working in a new way–where you feel supported, easeful, and connected to your rhythms–then I encourage you to apply.

We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, please DM me on Instagram or send us an email at hello at lizkimball dot com.